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Cesar Millan
The Dog Whisperer
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7th-Jun-2012 08:30 pm - The Dog Whisperer gets the boot.
Alpha Roll//Cesar Millan
NatGeo Cancels Dog Whisperer


I'm surprised it took this long, really.
19th-Jan-2012 11:41 am - Invitation
Dear Cesar,

City Class is Moscow's premier producer of short evening lectures and classes on a wide array of everyday topics. We provide our students with the tools they need to change careers, set up a business, make more money, improve their relationships, empower their lives and support personal and spiritual growth. We offer over 1200 events a year on 400 topics!
City Class drew on the 30-year experience and success of the American programme called: "The Learning Annex", which today offers 8000 courses a year, reaching out to millions of people in nine US cities and seven Canadian cities. Similar projects have sprouted in Europe, such as "Aimer Apprendre" in Belgium.
City Class in Moscow was open for business in May 2004. Our students enjoy unprecedented access-at modest prices-to social trendsetters, artists, professional experts, best-selling authors, or business gurus who share their skills and expertise through powerful, practical, and insightful classes, workshops, seminars and expos. Our classic "How To" seminars range from writing a business plan, investing in real estate, succeeding in the fashion business to social activities such as our wine tasting courses, Italian cuisine, or tango classes. We organise powerful lectures by such speakers as Michael Gorbachev, Pierre Cardin, Stephen R. Covey, Irina Khakamada, Evgeni Chichvarkin, Igor Chapurin,Vladimir Zhirinovski, Alexandr Vassiliev, Oksana Robski, Oleg Tinkoff , Sergey Minaev, Vadim Dymov, Tatyana Vedeneeva and many others.
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Within the last years we have expanded our reach with our new series of 40 books based on City Class topics.
During our short 7-years history, City Class has become so recognizable in Moscow's contemporary urban culture that we have been featured in various hit shows such as 1Channel, Russia Today, MTV, Ren-TV "Neveroyatnyie Istoryy", RBK "Small Businesses", NTV-Realty Show, Domachny Kanal (15 presentations), 1st Kanal (shootings of courses) as well as covered in various popular newspapers and magazines such as: Vedemosty, Forbes, Marie-Claire, Dengy, Business dlya Vsekh, Magia Cosmo, Moscow Times, Dengi, Business, Good Housekeeping and many more.

· We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the possibility of you giving a 2-3 hours class to our students - your fans about Achieving balance between people and dogs
. The target audience of City Class courses is the growing community of modern and active professionals from middle-class background, as well as a variety of corporate clients.
You are beloved in Moscow and have a lot of fans.
We will be responsible for all logistical aspects related to the event in line with your request and your intensive schedule. Any date from November untill 15 th December 2011 and after 20 January 2012 is good. The weekends are the best for people to attend a course, but evening of Tuesday-Friday at 19.00 is good to. We can cooperate with any of your partners in Moscow ), if it’s in your interests.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

Natalia Kiseleva
General Director
City Class
Tel: +7 (985) 764-5818
13th-Sep-2008 07:07 pm(no subject)
dog wolf
has anyone seen the 'deuling pit bulls' episode of the dog whisperer?

what are your thoughts?
24th-Aug-2007 09:44 pm - Sound Familiar?
Chapter one of the Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, by Steven R. Lindsay, is about the history of dog behavior and training. It discusses the various key players in the dog training world.

I found this passage interesting and familiar. I bolded the parts I'm talking about.

"In the early 1960's, Dare Miller (1966) founder of the Canine Behavioral Center in Los Angeles (Brentwood), California, began to employ various behavioral techniques to manage and control dog behavior complaints. Miller, who referred to his training and practice as dog psychology, emphasized the role of frustration and anxiety in the development of behavior problems."

The italics are from the book, I did not add them.

29th-Mar-2007 11:56 am - Cesar Millan on KROQ
This is mostly for Southern Californians, I guess. This morning I heard that KROQ (106.7FM) was going to have Cesar Millan on as a guest. Did anyone catch the broadcast? If you did, would you mind touching on some of the topics of discussion?

1st-Jan-2007 02:05 pm(no subject)
tw: mumspiration
If you scroll allll the way to the bottom of this page there's a story that I've seen posted twice on the internet in the past week. It cropped up on dogster and then it was posted as a comment to the article that I linked to, a link to which was also posted on dogster so I can see how the poster easily found another venue to post their story to. Anyway...

What I'm wondering is, can anyone provide other links to first-hand (verifiable, which this one is not) experiences with Cesar Millan that were less than positive? No trainer is 100% so even if what he does is totally fabulous, if he's serving as many people as I get the impression that he is, surely there've got to be a few people with first hand experience who have something less than positive to say. I've heard a lot of other trainers and behaviorists in the Southern Cali area say that they have many clients who's dogs did not respond well to Cesar, but that is still in the realm of anecdotal.

Just curious. Thanks.
29th-Dec-2006 08:33 pm(no subject)
Pit Bull: Reindeer
I was watching the Dog Whisperer today, and saw a rather interesting episode.

In the episode, the dog Lady, who is a Dalmatian/German Shepherd Dog mix is, as Cesar describes it, insecure. The dog will incessently bark at just about anything and everything other than the owner, including the owner's mother, and I get the impression the dog has been aggressive. The owner's mother is (somewhat understandably) a bit peeved at the dog who continually barks at her everytime she visits the house. Cesar said something along the lines that the dog's insecurity turned into dominance which turned into aggression. When Cesar and the camera crew enter the backyard with Lady and the owner's other dog, Lady is loudly barking and running back and forth rather frantically between the new people, barking, sniffing, barking some more, and acting well... insecure. Cesar mentions that the director of the show was bitten because he was moving around when instructed to stay still and allow the dog to sniff him and investigate.

Whenever one of the new people move, the dog starts barking again, and if approached, runs away. Cesar comes to the conclusion that the dog needs to be tired out, and he does so by chasing the dog around the yard with a stick-like thing (I think they said it was a torch holder?) Cesar did NOT strike the dog with the stick, but he says he wants it to be viewed by the dog as an extension of his arm.

It's tail is tucked down between it's legs, it's eyes are wide and round, and it's ears are back and it's running (rather quickly) away from Cesar, and when the dog barks drool often flew away from it's mouth. Cesar chases it for ten minutes until the dog runs onto the porch, and allows Cesar to approach her with a leash. I don't entirely remember what his exact reasoning for chasing the dog were, I think he wanted the dog to associate him as the dominant one, and that by chasing the dog down on the dog's own territory, he would accomplish that. If I'm wrong, please do correct me. I watched three episodes in a row (that's nine different cases!) and I may have confused it with another episode.

He then does the typical "mastering the walk" with the owner training stuff, wherein the dog is made to walk next to or behind the owner, go through doorways/gateways after the owner, etc. The dog is fairly well behaved on it's walk, though does not appear relaxed.

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